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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the firmest foam roller that you offer?

The GRID X and CARBON rollers are the most firm.

Are the foam rollers available in different lengths?

The GRID and CARBON rollers are available in 13" and 26". The CORE roller is available in 12", 18", and 36".

For the rollers, does each color mean a different density?

Each color does not determine density. We have three different densities across all our products. The lightest density are the CORE rollers, the standard density are our GRID rollers, and our firmest are the GRID X and CARBON rollers.

I am trying to add a product to my cart, but the option is not available?

If you are unable to add a product to your cart, it is most likely because you are not located in the US. Our website is not able to process international orders. If you would like to purchase, please take a look at our International Distributor’s page.

I am having trouble accessing the videos. Do I still need an access code?

Our videos no longer need an access code. They can all be viewed by going to the "How-To Videos" section of our main navigation. If you are having any issues with videos loading, we recommend using Google Chrome to view them. We also have a YouTube channel where they are available.

What is TriggerPoint's shipping policy?

It’s important to us to provide the best shipping experience, so we ship Australia wide. As we use local couriers we do not ship to P.O boxes.