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Our line falls into two basic categories: solid foam rollers and hollow core foam rollers, and users can progress through these categories depending on comfort level, rolling experience and physical needs.


Each foam roller has a different density to deliver a specific type of massage.

Our solid foam rollers contour to the body to address the superficial muscles of the body, where as our firmer, hollow core rollers are more rigid and address the deeper muscle tissue.


Every TriggerPoint foam roller is designed with our signature GRID© pattern which replicates the feeling of a massage therapist's hand.

This patented multi-density pattern channels blood and oxygen through the tissue helping to alleviate common muscular discomfort.

Elevate your recovery in a one-two punch of rolling plus vibration

GRID multi-density surface channels nutrients directly to tissue, while vibration relaxes muscles to maximize your rolling regimen.


Ideal for warming up muscles and increasing circulation to enhance overall movement.


The CORE Roller’s solid high density EVA foam provides moderate compression and delivers a premium massage with minimal discomfort.

The CORE Roller is ideal for those not familiar with deep tissue self-massage, or for individuals recovering from a serious injury.


The CORE Roller, the only solid foam roller in the market to channel blood and oxygen while you roll.


The GRID® Foam Roller patented design features a hollow core wrapped in multi-density foam to deliver firm compression.

The GRID is suited for fitness enthusiast or anyone wanting to increase mobility and release muscle discomfort.


The GRID is the 'go-to' roller to improve mobility and circulation, and is recommended by sports doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists.

The GRID is available in three sizes - the 13 inch original GRID, the 26 inch GRID 2.0 and the 5 inch GRID Mini.


Our firmest foam roller, the GRID® X, was created to break through the body's toughest, tightest trouble spots.

The GRID-X is perfect for any athlete that is experienced with deep tissue therapy.


Twice as firm as The GRID, this product is designed for deep compression to help alleviate the intense aches.



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