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Knowing how your body functions is the key to better movement. You can get started by visiting our NEW Body Awareness 101 section.

Stop Living with Pain.

Brush up on some simple lessons that will help you avoid the common dysfunctions that affect so many people.
Begin with our NEW Wellness 101 section.

Lower Leg Anatomy

The foot and ankle consist of 26 bones and 33 joints…all of which heavily depend on the healthy function of the soleus muscle.

Learn how to maintain efficient movement starting from the ground up.

Body Awareness 101

Hip Function

The hip is a ball and socket joint that is subject to a wide range of issues due to chronic tension or muscular imbalances.

Learn more about the role hip alignment plays in common issues such as Piriformis Syndrome.

Body Awareness 101

Shoulder Health

Common tasks such as typing or driving can cause our shoulders to round forward over time, which often results in the build up of scar tissue or constricted posture.

Discover how restoring mobility to the pectorals can improve breathing.

Body Awareness 101

Lower Leg Injuries

In recent decades, Achilles tendon injuries have increased to become one of the most common sports-related injuries.

Learn how to avoid potential injuries that can derail your active lifestyle.

Wellness 101

Hip Discomfort

Many debilitating injuries can be traced back to chronic tension or weakness within the hip muscles.

Learn more about the different techniques that support muscular health.

Wellness 101

Shoulder Dysfunction

Up to 25% of the population deals with shoulder pain, but it is rarely due to a shoulder injury.

Find out why, and how you can ease the discomfort.

Wellness 101


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TriggerPoint makes it easy to take care of your body. 

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Getting Started

What exactly is foam rolling?

Discover the benefits and simple steps to incorperate foam rolling int your routine.

Getting Started

How to pick the right product for you?

Find which uniquely-designed products can meet your needs.

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